#15 The Winkler Police Report

01 May 2018

The guys give the latest of the Winkler Police report, talk about family road trips on The Bant Wheel, and decide whether they’d rather drinking a litre of hot sauce or hand lotion with some special guests.

The News

The Bant Wheel

Would you rather…

(With special guests, Sarah Kehler and Jaymi Brown)

  • …drink a litre of hot sauce, or a litre of hand lotion?
  • …get a free Whitecap V60 coffee every day but it gives you minor indigestion/gas for three hours, or have to drink a Tim Horton’s double-double every day and as you receive the coffee, you have to see “Ooo, I love me a good Timmy’s coffee!”.
  • …win a year trip to Europe with $2000.00 a month included, or get to spend 10 minutes on the moon

The Recommendations