“Together, we know nothing” “Never did I think that as I was eating my hot dog a situation like this could occur” “The weight of America is on your shoulders and you are under so much pressure” “What are the cars that you drive in a ball pit world?” “So you know next to exactly what you're getting” “This must be funny” “We’re all celebrities that nobody knows about” “We just love the universe” “The Whatareyaevertown stamp” “Thanks Your Mom” “This bit is going super well for you” “I think I'm almost too impartial” “I realized to myself—can you do that?” “Now who's the Jon?” “My soul is sharing more than I told it to” “Aw beans! This is a bad deal!” “I didn't think about being a cool best friend ghost” “If there is a Whatevercrown, I will need that” “It's bound to get spooky” “If anything I'm the monster” “I don't even do mental math” “Altona Residents Say Something Went 'Boom' in the Night” “Space is something to think about.” “Canada is filled with fridge-holes.” “As far as I know, Vero's like, I don't know.” “It's impossible to know what happens in space.” "Aribra Zarita!" “You love Legos? You don’t even know LEGO” “All my neighbours are over for orange juice.”
Cover artwork

August 22, 2023 •  Season 4

#76 The Rule of Thirds

After three years, the guys talk again. They recap the past three years, kind of, and contemplate some Would You Rathers.

Cover artwork

June 23, 2020 •  Season 3

#75 The Exorcizism

A finale about a hot pursuit, crawling quickly, and lifelike drawings.

Cover artwork

June 09, 2020 •  Season 3

#74 Summer Pockets

An episode about waking up during a storm, working 4 days per week, and remembering the name of a certain banana candy.

Cover artwork

May 19, 2020 •  Season 3

#73 Brain Article

An episode about shows, pictures, looking or talking, and whatever.

Cover artwork

May 05, 2020 •  Season 3

#72 Dodo Hairlines

An episode about an airplane invention, widow's peaks, supportive angry squirrels and whatever.

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