Tools & Running Costs

Here’s how we make the show. If you back us on Patreon, this is where that money goes. If you’re thinking of starting your own podcast, here’s what you might want to keep in mind.

Name Service/Tool Price
Microphones AKG P120 ≈$129 × 4
Mic stands On-Stage Euro Boom ≈$40 × 4
Content Managment System Siteleaf $0*
Site Hosting Github $0*
Audio file hosting AWS S3 ≈$1.35/month
Domain Hover $15USD/year
Audio Recording & Editing GarageBand $0
Messaging Slack $0*
Collaboration & Planning Dropbox Paper $0
Email Marketing Mailchimp $0*
Surveys Typekit $0*
Email forms Formspree $0*
Comments Disqus $0

* Free, at our current usage level, or with conditions