#2 Lisa Simpson is a Disney Princess

27 December 2017

The guys talk Stranger Things on vinyl, social credit in China, Ready Player One, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, allergies, Chick-Fil-A and more.

[00:35] - Jon bought Stranger Things Season 1 Volume 1 LP

[2:45] - Ryan tries to keep his Christmas tree alive

[12:37] - Jon read Ready Player One

[20:52] - Star Wars: The Last Jedi excitement (recorded before release)

[37:22] - Tim discovers an allergy

[39:48] - Claims of Gold unsuccessful on Kickstarter

The Ratings [47:20]




Spring v Fall

The Recommendations

Jon: The Big Sick [1:05:11]

Tim: Over the Garden Wall [1:06:08]

Ryan: The Last Arrow by Erwin McManus [1:06:55]

Coffee by Whitecap.

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This episode hosted by Tim Wall. Co-hosted by Jon Dueck and Ryan Kehler. Theme song by Tim Wall. Edited by Jon Dueck.