#3 The One About Star Wars

13 January 2018

[00:43] - Ryan’s Christmas tree is still alive

[3:25] - Tim gets a new washer & dryer

[7:46] - Ryan talks about Shared Spaces

[16:02] - Jon is going to New Zealand

[18:38] - Apple is slowing down older devices

[24:25] - The Last Jedi talk

[46:10] - Tweet @BuckyIsotope

The Ratings [46:25]

  • Porgs
  • Dogs wearing clothes
  • Pineapple on pizza

Would you Rather

  • Either never wear socks, or never be able to take your socks off
  • Be face to face with a shark in water, or fall into a pit of snakes
  • Have everything you eat be a little too spicy, or a little too sweet

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This episode hosted by Jon Dueck. Co-hosted by Tim Wall and Ryan Kehler. Theme song by Tim Wall. Edited by Tim Wall.