#4 You've Got A Mix Goin'

30 January 2018

We're back and it's 2018. Jon went to New Zealand and learned to read. Tim's excited about Nintendo. Ryan's NFL is in the playoffs. Featuring Versus, Would You Rather, and The Ratings.

The News [34:00]

  • Nintendo Labo [34:04]
  • Ryan’s Vikings are in the playoffs [39:09]

Versus: Smarties vs M&Ms [43:17]

The Ratings: Bubble Tea [46:39]

Would You Rather your shirts always be two sizes two big or one size too small? [49:09]

Would You Rather have a horrible short-term memory or a horrible long-term memory? [51:55]

Would You Rather drop from a dangerous height above water or be dangerously deep in water? [56:51]

The Recommendations [01:01:56]

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